What can one year’s rent buy?

London rents are now an average of £24,000 per year according to Rightmove. With the average London wage being only £39,476, that means your landlord earns more by owning the roof over your head, than you do showing up to work everyday.


For that money, you could:


Buy a brand new 5-door Mini Cooper:

icons8-fiat-500-48  The Mini Countryman 1.5 Cooper (£23,345)


Go to university twice with some spare change 

icons8-study-48    A university degree (£9,250)


Fly around the world 18 times:

icons8-paper-plane-48Round-the-world flights (£1,339)


Buy 22 of the latest iPhones:

icons8-cell-phone-48The latest iPhone, the iPhone XS Max (£1,099)


Subscribe to Netflix for 200 years

icons8-tv-48Netflix Premium subscription (£9.99 per month)


Spend the weekend with 100 friends at Glastonbury

icons8-speaker-48Glastonbury general admission weekend tickets (£238)


Drink two of the world’s most expensive bottles of wine

icons8-wine-glass-64Domaine de la Romanee-Conti – Romanee-Conti Grand Cru (£11,793)



In reality, your money probably went towards buying yet another property for your landlord.



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