What does District 34 mean?

At District 34, we get asked this question quite often: what does the name mean?

London is made up of 33 Districts, from Barking and Dagenham to Westminster, and all of them are now unaffordable due to a decade of rapid house price inflation.

See the map below showing how house prices have changed since 1995, in the South East. London is outlined in white.

House Price Trends 1995 - 2017

As a result, London has become a city of tenants, with the average Londoner spending over half their income on rent and no hope of ever affording a property on their own without Mum and Dad.

Join the exodus

The answer for many is to move out into the commuter belt which surrounds London, spanning roughly 50 miles from its centre, serviced by high-speed trains that enter London via 14 gateway terminals, such as Kings Cross St Pancras, Marylebone, Paddington, and Euston.

In 2017 alone, 155,000 Londoners moved out of London into the commuter belt, equivalent to the population of the District of Kensington and Chelsea. Prices here have outperformed London in recent years, driven by exponential growth in the numbers of people moving in London, particularly the young.

District34A map of the commuter belt surrounding London, with train lines and stations.


This is District 34: a new District for Londoners where they can afford to buy their first home and stay connected to Central London.

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