How does District 34 identify high-growth areas?

While our members are homeowners and not investors, we believe it is important for them to benefit from growth when they sell and move on to the second, usually more expensive, property.

District 34 identifies high-growth areas based on our proprietary Big Data analysis of over 500 datasets, including infrastructure constraints, commuting patterns, migration trends, and house prices.

The logic is simple: places where high numbers of young people are moving to to live, which benefit from good transport links and relatively low prices, will outperform the rest of the market without being dependent on investor sentiment.

Here are some of the ingredients for our data models:





Migration 25-40 London




Commuting heatmap



House prices


All of our properties are obsessively analysed before we commit our own money to funding them, to make sure they are not just great homes, they are also great investments.


At District 34, we do our homework obsessively so you don’t have to.

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