Meet The Team: Linda

Linda is the lead interior designer for our homes. As a London millennial herself, she is currently house-sharing with a number of fellow millennials, and knows intimately the pains of the rent trap in London.


What inspires you? / Who are your design role models?

Good design inspires good design, I find going to a gallery or art/makers exhibition really inspiring. I really admire designers that think outside of the box and reimagine how things should work and look. Thomas Heatherwick for example is a designer who challenges common perceptions and makes a new reality.


What does a well-designed home mean?

A well-designed home is all about providing the space you need to comfortably live the life you want to live. It sounds simple but it is different for everybody and peoples needs change over time. That is why it is important to provide options and flexibility.


Describe your design philosophy.

Good design makes life easier and more beautiful. Therefore, my design philosophy has always been about talking to people, learning how they use a building, what works and what doesn’t work and putting the user first. As for the beauty in design, this is important for all the people who see the building but do not necessarily use it, you have to think about them too!


4) Describe your work for District 34.

My work for District 34 involves;

The strategic layout of the apartments to ensure that they are working efficiently.

The development of an internal palette that is easily customizable but distinctive and interesting enough to get you started.

The other key element of my work for District 34 is the body of research, design and development that has gone into creating a new kind of housing model.

This includes the communal space that is included in your first home package. The lobby lounge space will be the first of its kind, combining all the amenities you use most often right on your door step. It will be like a physical version of your phone home screen.


5) If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Easy, it would have to be the power of flight. I love getting up to high places and the perspective that gives you. It is something I actively seek when I visit a new city or landscape.

Time travel is a tempting answer but potentially more dangerous than flying.

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