As a home buyer

Financial support

In addition to the deposit (which is difficult enough to afford on its own), there are a myriad of other substantial fees to pay when buying a property. Over a third of property transactions fall through, costing home buyers an average of £3,000 in abortive costs.

Our accelerator program subsidises all the transactional costs of buying your first home and supports you through the process, so the only money you need to focus on saving up on is the deposit and you don’t have to worry about money down the drain.


With you every step of the way

Our accelerator program supports you through the journey of saving a deposit for your first home, to selling it and buying your second one. At the end of the program, you will be an experienced home owner living in a property of your choice.


We are on your side

We use cutting-edge Big Data analytics to investigate everything from commuting and migration patterns, house price trends, and market liquidity, to ensure our homes are not just great to live in, but are a good investment.

This ensures that when the time comes to move on from your first home, the process of selling it will be as smooth and profitable as possible. We are also on hand to help you with the sales process, although you are free to choose other agents (you are the homeowner after all!)


Tailored to you

Once accepted into our accelerator program, we work closely with you to tailor a bespoke support package to help you with your homeownership goals.


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