As a resident

Grow your nest egg in our incubator.incubator

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To become a resident in our incubator buildings is to own the roof over your head. You are a full-fledged homeowner with legal title of your property. That means that you are in full control: drill as many holes in the walls, install as many gadgets, and decorate your own home as you like.

It also means you are now starting to grow your nest egg: every month you are paying off your own mortgage and growing your financial net worth, not someone else’s. Your mortgage payments are likely to be lower than London rents, meaning you also have more money left over to save up for the next move.

[Rent vs mortgage calculator]

Benefit from capital appreciation

Your property benefits from our extensive in-house research, focused on identifying desirable areas of high demand and growth potential. That means the odds are stacked in your favour to benefit from capital appreciation, and from high demand for your property when you choose to move up the ladder.

Be part of the solution

Our only request to you is to pass it on when the time comes to moving to your second home. That means selling your property on to the next first time buyer who needs a leg up – as your full-time building manager, we will be on-hand to help with the sales process. You benefit from 0% capital gains tax on the sale of your property, meaning you should get another big boost to your deposit for your next property purchase.

However, you are free to choose to keep the property as an asset should you choose to do so – you are the owner after all!



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