We are obsessed about the end user – the millennial first time buyer – and the user experience of our buildings, both external (the commute back and from work) and internal (having friends over). We care about everything, from the big things like where the best location to put our incubator buildings on, to little things like having USB ports in the sockets next to the bed.


The location

We use a data-driven approach to select the locations for our incubator buildings. Our proprietary intelligence pulls in data ranging from migration and commuting patterns to house price trends and transport times, to identify and acquire sites with high market demand and growth potential.


Your first property is a stepping stone: our priority is identifying locations with highly liquid real estate markets, featuring strong strong demand and restricted supply. This maximises the chances of our residents moving up the ladder.


The building

Our incubator buildings are designed to encourage interactions within the residents’ community, such as a residents’ lounge on the ground floor and interior-designed communal spaces.


Other features include oversized post lockers (for your online deliveries), 24/7 CCTV security in the communal areas, car sharing services, and a networking app for residents.


The apartments

The apartments are designed with your lifestyle in mind. We have conducted extensive research into the lifestyles of our end users to the optimise the layout of apartments – for example, Londoners only spend an average of 17% of their waking hours at home, with the rest of the time spent at work or at play.






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