Why join?

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  • Fast-track up the housing ladder
    • Our unique model gets you on the first rung quickly in one of our incubator buildings and gives you a boost to the second one.
  • Financial support
    • Over a third of property transactions fall through (higher for inexperienced first time buyers), costing an average of £3,000 in abortive costs. We subsidise all your transactional costs (legals, mortgage fees, etc) so all you need to focus on is saving the deposit.
  • Stress-free
    • No endless viewings. No gazumping. No estate agents — not until you move onto your second home as an experienced homeowner and buyer. Our incubator buildings have been carefully selected through extensive research to be of high market demand and capital growth potential.
  • A low deposit
    • The average first time buyer spends £90,000 in rent before escaping the rent trap. Our incubator schemes have low deposit requirements and are eligible for the Help to Buy scheme (5% deposit), so you can say goodbye to your landlord earlier.
  • A real community
    • Our incubator buildings are designed to be physical social networks, with communal areas and facilities, as well as regular resident events. You are part of a community of owner-occupiers – no absentee landlords or properties as safe deposit boxes.
  • With you every step of the way
    • Our incubator buildings feature our own permanent, onsite management company to support you with your new home when you move in, when you are living in it, and when you are ready to sell and move on.


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