How it works

Our accelerator program consists of three stages:

  1. D34 SAVER: Build your first deposit
    • D34 Saver is a two-year program designed specifically for first time buyers to build up their first deposit. Upon joining D34 Saver, you choose a property within one of our incubator buildings and commit to a plan that allows you to complete on the property in two years. We subsidise all your transaction costs (legal and mortgage fees) and are by your side to provide support.
  2. D34 RESIDENT: Move into your first home and grow your nest egg
    • As a resident in our incubator buildings, you are a full-fledged homeowner with legal title, without leaking any more money to rent. Your monthly payments are likely to be lower compared to your London rent, and they go towards paying off your mortgage and increasing your equity, with more money left over to save up for the next move. The saving never stops!
  3. D34 GRADUATE: Start your own journey
    • As a homeowner ready to graduate to the next rung of the ladder, we will provide support to make the transition as seamless as possible, from helping you to sell your property to providing you with access to our proprietary analytics platform to help you hunt for your next home.


How we work 

  1. We use our proprietary Big Data analytics platform to identify affordably-priced areas of high demand and growth potential within easy access to Central London.Capture
  2. Our institutional backers fund early-stage development projects in these areas to get them off the ground. Developers benefit from substantial financing cost savings, which we put towards upgrading the internal specifications to our best-in-class standards.
  3. On completion, we install additional features to our buildings, including 24/7 security, interior-designed communal spaces, and other intelligent features.
  4. We invite applications for the Accelerator Program for the incubator building two years prior to completion. On completion, the cohort moves into the buildings as new residents and members of the District 34 community.
  5. In addition to managing the buildings and the community through our permanent onsite management team, we continue to provide savings support for our members.
  6. When the time comes to climb up to the next rung, we help our members to sell their first home and move to the second one. They also have access to our analytics platform to help decide their next move.
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